Center Cross Metal Works by Gene Osborn

Tom Bullard Custom Knives

Knives by Gerry Hurst (Memorial Page)

Steve's Cutlery

Lynn Griffith's Custom Tactical Knives

Knives by George Tichbourne

Knife Displays and Showcases by John Yeackley

Sunrise River Custom Knives by Jay Maines

Pat Patterson Knives      

Pete Shulga Memorial Page

  Rocket Knives by Rob Davidson 

Chris Christman Knives

   Jason Howell Handmade Knives

       Dushane Custom Handmade Knives

        David Childers Custom Knives

Charlie Rogers Knives



This page is still under construction but we will feature custom knifemakers and their knives.  There will be contact information for each knifemaker, if you contact the knifemaker due to something that you have seen on this page.   Please tell them where you saw their products.  If you are a knifemaker and would like to be featured on this page please click here or call us at 806-935-6113 or E-Mail us at

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