We are offering free webspace to custom knifemakers who would like to be a part of our Knifemaker's Corner.  If you are interested you can call us at 806-935-6113 or E-Mail us at xman@amaonline.com

Basically, the way it works is this:

You give us information on yourself.   Pictures and information on some of your knives (up to 8), we will put them on a web page. We put all of your contact information on the page.  The customer buys from you not us.   If someone buys a knife from you and tells you that they saw it on Top of Texas Knifemaker's Corner then you send us 10%.  This is strictly on the honor system.  We are just trying to showcase some of the custom makers.  If you already have a web page, you can use us, too.  We will showcase a few of your knives and then put a link to your page.  


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