Steve's Cutlery

H.C. Rt. 1, Box 1445            Boss, MO  65440
573-626-4838      E-Mail

Knives custom made to your specifications with a variety of options.  These knives are uniquely distinctive from their polished jeweled blades to the rustic and rugged oil tanned sheaths.  Durable materials and top-notch craftsmanship.  Made by a retired horseshoer and family.  From 1085 blue tempered spring steel.

When you order a knife directly from us you can choose:

Crown cut or brass capped handles.

A variety of handle carvings or scrimshawing.

Gut hooks available on hunting knives.


A combination of options making your custom knife.

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If you see anything on this page and contact the knifemaker be sure you tell him where you saw his work.         Thank you.

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