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"I Carry my Cross for Christ to Give any Glory to God"

Center Cross Metal Works                Gene Osborn - Knifemaker

Fort Worth, Texas

(817) 451-8243                      E-Mail

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I have enjoyed making quality cutlery by hand since 1981. I made my first knife in a Navy school for Heat Treating and Metallurgy. Little did I know back then what was in store for me. I could say the same thing about when I became a Christian in 1972 or a dad in 1987.

Today I am a fortunate man. God has allowed me to combine the loves of my life together in one big package. I call it Center Cross Metal Works. I hope you like what you see when you look at my crosses.

I am a full-time Knifemaker and father of 5 (full-time dad too!) and I simply love what I do. I wish more people enjoyed their profession. Making knives challenges my hands and my nerves. I love teaching people and sharing my trade.

Today I build mostly folding knives with a few batches of fixed blades now and then. My folders start around $95.00 and I sell most in the $150.00 to $250.00 range. My fixed blades with sheath packages start around $75.00 and I sell most in the $125.00 to $200.00 range.

My automatics also come in a variety of styles and price ranges starting at $175.00. Most are sold in the $300.00 to $450.00 range. Swords, axes, razors, etc. are priced per order. Kitchen sets are also available upon request. Estimates are free and confidential.

Custom orders are still being taken, however, my schedule is getting full. To avoid any delay send sketches and requests as soon as possible. My list continues to grow. A 25% deposit is required to start work on any order and a delivery time (estimated) will be given at the time the deposit is received. Upon completing the order I will notify you. When final payment is received I will promptly ship your order. Upon receiving the order you will have 30 days to contact me if for any reason you are not satisfied with the craftsmanship.


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Scale Release #B34

This kind of knife will close by moving the back of the handle.   Best of both worlds:  Strength of a lockback with the ease of one handed use.


          crossb5sm.jpg (6068 bytes)      Lockback  #B46                Linerlock #B5     crossb5sm.jpg (6068 bytes)



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Straight blade #D64


These are only examples of the work of Center Cross Metal Works.  You may see much more by visiting their webpage at

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